A 5-year-old boy with an inoperable brain tumor has one wish for his birthday: a box full of birthday cards with his name on them.

Danny Nickerson, from Foxboro, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with an inoperable and chemotherapy-resistant tumor this past October. He has stopped going to kindergarten during therapy, and gets lonely, according to his family.

"He can recognize his name now," the boy’s mother Carley Nickerson told ABC News. "When he saw his name on the package from magical fairies on Easter, he was so happy."

Nickerson says personalized cards make Danny happy, and has opened a P.O. box to collect letters from well-wishers.

Doctors say less than 10% of children diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, like Danny, live beyond 18 months.

"I don’t really believe in that," Nickerson says. "He is doing great. Every day is a blessing for us."

Danny has received about 40 letters so far, and his birthday is on July 25th.

Letters can be sent to:

Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA 02035



Hey, this actually made it on my dash! Listen, folks, this little boy is from my area, and a bunch of my friends and family have already sent out their birthday cards to him! Please join us all and make him some cards FILLED with love! And I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to receive some birthday cards from far away places, too! Please please please please do this!!!!


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